Play tennis, garden, play the piano, dance, run. DO IT ALL.
Over 30 million people currently suffer from osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition in joints. Osteoarthritis affects the knees, hips, lower back, neck, and the small joints of the fingers and toes.
During the past 8 years, Dr. Kooyman, microbiology professor at Brigham Young University has been researching osteoarthritis. Dr. Kooyman is a sufferer of OA and has had part of his back fused due to the effects of OA. Knowing the difficulties and limitations of OA, Dr. Kooyman continues to research OA to understand how it to treat and prevent OA.
After years of research, testing and development Dr. Kooyman discovered a revolutionary formula. Arthritis Wonder.
Over 90% of those that use Arthritis Wonder have experienced a reduction in pain.
For everyone that uses Arthritis Wonder, that’s another song played, another dance with your significant other, another mile run.
If Arthritis Wonder can bring enjoyment back to your life, why not?
‘Why not feel like you’re 35 again.’ –Dr. William P Magee, Jr. Operation Smile Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

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