• Arthritis Wonder Pain Relieving Cream - 8oz Jar
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Arthritis Wonder
Pain Relieving Cream 8oz Jar

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Once-a-day application, all day relief.

With Natural Wogonin

Fast Acting

Apply Once a Day for All Day Relief

  • Apply a coin-sized dollop of cream to the affected area.
  • Massage until completely absorbed into the skin.
  • Feel relief in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Enjoy life - apply once a day or as needed

Changing Peoples Lives

  • “This cream has been life changing for me, someone who lives in a cold climate during the winter time; the pain has been drastically reduced to the point that I can actually go for a walk outside and not fear the aches and pain that would come after. I'm able to do more with my family and friends.”

    Karyl Howard
  • “Every pain that I have put the cream on is now pain-free..... and it happened almost immediately!!!  It truly is like magic!!  I love it!!!! It’s like NOTHING ELSE that I have ever tried!!!! this cream will be a true blessing to SO many people!!!! I cannot begin to say enough good things about it!!!! Truly!!!“

    Deborah Butler
  • “I love the product! For aches and pains it is awesome. I have RA and use it after a run or going to the gym. It takes away my aches and pain that have stopped me from running or working out.”

    Gena Latin
  • “No more knee and back pain. I can easily walk up and down the stairs with no more pain. I love Arthritis Wonder.”

    Joann Hansen
  • “When I first got the cream I applied it to my back at night and it helped me get to sleep when it usually takes me a while to get to sleep. I woke up with no pain, but it returned after a two hour zumba class, I applied the cream to my back after my class and the pain went right away.”

    Linda Cooper
  • “I've had back pain for a long time.  Arthritis Wonder is really helping my back.  I have a lot of pain in the mornings so I use it at night and wake up with much less pain than I used to.”

    Rex Cooper

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